Proud To Be A Sinner

by Slaughtered Priest

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Second track from Slaughtered Priest's third promo/demo, entitled :
No Gods No Masters!
Released through Ungod's Metal Throne Productions in 50 hand numbered copies for promotional reasons in 2009!
(This track can also be found in S.P's second full length album,
entitled : World Wide War)


Lyrics :

In the mist of the Goats empire
Under the sign of great evil
Slaughtering your merciful god.
Slowly and painfully.

Your god is dying
The dark one is rising
Death wind's blowing
Your whore god is falling.

Desecrate Your god
Be proud to be sinner
Fuck them hard
In their church

Desecrate his son
Be proud to be a sinner
Impale them
On crosses

His lunatic kingdom
Has turned into ashes.
Now my demons piss on his face.
Desecrating his holy asylum.

Slaughtering his priests
Burning his holiness
Worship shit and rot
Be his slave
Or be a sinner


For now Your time has come
To lighten up Your torches
And make Your will be done
And burn their fucking crosses

Now clean Your mighty hands
From god's disgusting blood
Two thousand years have passed
His days belong to the past.


released August 8, 2009
Music by Slaughtered Priest, Lyrics by Evi T.




Slaughtered Priest Athens, Greece

Slaughtered priest
were formed in Greece in 2007 by Ungod
( from Sad /Necrohell /Kvele / Necrochakal / Obsecration /
ex- Insidius Infernus / ex=Nargothrond )
and Ghoul

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