Hellthrashing Demon

by Slaughtered Priest

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Second track of Slaughtered Priest's third full length album entitled
"Serpent's Nekrowhores" .
Released through Satanic Records in 2011.
Tape format released through Ungod's Metal Throne Productions
with different artwork!


Lyrics :

Haunted by curses
Born in a cage
Raised with rage
Feed with leeches

Wicket creature
Heartless being
Impious fiction
Grievous preacher

Forged conspiracy
Unpure proclamation
Flock brutality
Bestial profanation

Lurking in shadows
Occult bestiality
Imprisoned reality
Prophet of illusion

In The Chapel Of Horns
Hear Your Naughty Thoughts
Cut In Pieces Wicked Delight
Burn With Fiendish Away From Light

Sarcastic Oppressor
Tormented Creation
Lords Prayer Deceased Lunatic
Perform His Ritual In His Delirium

Cast Down Throwing Away
Intrusive Desires
Devilish Thrives


released June 6, 2011
Music written by Slaughtered Priest, lyrics by Evi T.




Slaughtered Priest Athens, Greece

Slaughtered priest
were formed in Greece in 2007 by Ungod
( from Sad /Necrohell /Kvele / Necrochakal / Obsecration /
ex- Insidius Infernus / ex=Nargothrond )
and Ghoul

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