Abyssic Sacrifice

by Slaughtered Priest

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Taken from Slaughtered Priest's split 7" EP release with the German
Black/Thrash Metal band "Ruins" , entitled :
Towards the Altar!
Released through Fistbang Records in 2010 in limited 250 copies!


Lyrics :

The Priest is back
His knives are sharpened
His soul is black
the night is darkened.
His victims are ready
On the altar they are waiting
His hands are steady
This sacrifice is starting.
Evil words spoken
Black candles burning
Naked nuns rotten
Dark Shadows walking.
Elder witches dancing
Magick circle bleeding
Under a moon that's waxing
Gray wolves are screaming.
Hollow eyes
christians dies.
Satan's force
Bleeding cross.
Born in fire
Drunk from power.
Evil curse.
christian child
Virgin slut
Goddess cunt
Eternal fire
my desire.
Prepare for the Sacrifice...
Iron fist
Praise the beast
Darkened Sun
Bastard son
Rotten skulls
Evil spells
Magick words
Straight from hell
Full-moon rise
Sky dies
Take with knives
Thousand life's
Reigning terror
christ's error
Prepare for the Sacrifice...
Their flesh is pierced
Their hearts impaled
The priest is disgust
but filled with lust
His altar is filled
With christian blood
The spells are fixed
From his dark god...
woman bleed infernal
Hells chains unlocked eternal...
Sacrificial ceremony
Raped god's agony.
Slain christ's followers
False prophet believers.
Raise the fist
lightnings of fire
Kill for the beast
this is my desire
strange thoughts comes to me
For endless sanity
All must die into fear
Cross them down and sacrifice.
Upon the altar
Prepare for battle
Gather the stronger
Feed their Hunger..
Sacrifice the human race
Sacrifice the christian race...


released September 9, 2010
Music by Slaughtered Priest, Lyrics by Evi T.




Slaughtered Priest Athens, Greece

Slaughtered priest
were formed in Greece in 2007 by Ungod
( from Sad /Necrohell /Kvele / Necrochakal / Obsecration /
ex- Insidius Infernus / ex=Nargothrond )
and Ghoul

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